• CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ARTIST: Amaneh Eskandari ZOHREH-background-Portrait-Painting



With the human being as her focus, ZOHREH approaches a wide range of subjects through multi-faceted meaning.
The Paintings,”Human–Body, Shadow, Portrait, Mask are framed-instances of human-existence, represented as a meditative act, as well as a reaction to our times.

Often viewed as framed instances, otherwise gone unseen in their original context of solid colors, ZOHREH, strives to create a new and mythical universe that merges in a visual vocabulary based upon Time and Space and Movement, a metaphor for the ever-seeking human who experiences continual loss.

Paintings, Installations, Art Videos, Performances, Photography to be jointed together with Intuition, Reason & Metaphors for Creating the Mythical Universe of ZOHREH, known as “MATRISTIC-CAVERN-LIFE“. She passes through The Past, The Present & The Future in a «HORIZON’S TIME TRIP», with herself as the STRANGER, the huge burden on her shoulders of crossing the dark cave of this millennia’s civilization, and the twelve episodes of a cellar’s imaginary, are a history of man caught in a maze of twisting and darkness. In doing so, she rushes to meet man and his legend.

In the beginning there was a shadow…
The shadow whispered and stepped in a journey so as it could play the music of its soul.
It walked everywhere, gazing upon everything; to any thing, which existed.
The ray of its glance was changed into the color of its imagination.
It made the colors move .it ignored them .the existence rose as a floating flag under its Footsteps.
All things became as an imagination entirely, farther than the shadow spreading on it.

“ZOHREH” artworks are meant to encapsulate the energy of a place, as mirrored by its emotional and spiritual vibrations.Furthermore, her performances, art-videos & new sequences are created to reveal an inseparable relationship between the visual, motion and sound which creates an experiential universe that emerges fractionally.


ZOHREH, Persian Visual Artist , in 1997, as a selected artist by the TEHRAN MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, left TEHRAN for the « CITE INTERNATIONAL DES ARTS PARIS ».She continues to live & work as an artist resident & member of the MAISON DES ARTISTES in PARIS, France.
In 2001, with a multidisciplinary view, Founded the International Artists Association :
Its aim is bring together artists worldwide around a Collective Philosophy in order to promote the Language of Art.

In fact, the guiding statement of « ARTISTES SANS FRONTIERS » :

Art Born Of An Inherent Conversation With The Self And Others” …

ZOHREH began painting at the age of 8 years old at the Centre for Intellectual Development of Adolescents and Youth in Tehran.

Artist’s Note

An infinity of me live inside of me.
I am a shadow of my forgotten ancestors;
In the dark womb of my mother;
In a cave obscure;
In the matrix of thousands-years-old civilizations;
I paint a remote image over and over – that same mask “me-Narcissus”
A half face in darkness, self-absorbed, while the other half, carried facing outward, focuses attention on the external.
The sun and the moon reside in my inner self;
as feelings are detained in the painting’s framework;
To be imprisioned over this « Mask » which carries and paints constantly…
Turning it into the disillusion by questioning :

With a rigid half-erased mask, could I represent a world as rich in variety?
Could I define the voices and tastes of sensations?
Could I go beyond those definitions and borders, where the air would there be fresh ?”

In 1997, I decided to leave behind to take a journey into the universe. In 2000, I started to use the concept of movement, time & space on my canvas and it has opened me up new horizons, and allowed me voyage toward as me-pregnant.Towards “Being-Born”… Towards “N’aître.”

Born in Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Paris
Where have I come from ?
where am I going?
A remote image of myself.
I used to paint the same face, over and over.A remote image of myself.
Half of its features effaced, one eye closed;
a mask of myself grown rigid, incessantly analyzed, interpreted...I carried it within me and painted incessantly.
I had become encaged within the painting’s frame... I decided to embark on a journey,toward the essence of my being.
Toward the inner core from which flows life.Toward birth. Toward myself pregnant. Toward being born.

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