I don’t any more

26min – A numerical war’s story.

Mom – artist live in Paris far from her 6 years old child who
left Paris for stay with his father in Teheran …
She made an audiovisual composition in space “her atelier”with available elements: T.V, monitor, a photo’s of her son with his American’s friend asleep in shelter …
She filmed the television’s lights reflection on the photo’s of kids such as world war’s nightmares …
A parallel mixing between the ordinary beat of life turning in round in all directions and imaginary and memories ones …

2003 – Mnode
The war between the United States and Irak “.
26min film screning in the mirrrors installation .
a modern numerical tale by audiovisuel composition in space.
A Persian woman artist living in Paris in absence & loneliness
of her child”6 years old” who had to leave Paris to Teheran …
with put the scene available elements the windows of T.V
and kampioter monitor and a black and white photo of my
son Arsalan from Tehran and Madeleine her American friend
from Newyork deadened in the shelter , the mirrores of my
room i observe the reflection of television light on the photo
and influence of extreme tension of nightmares of war in feeling
of revolving in round in all directions between imaginary and the
ordinary rhythm of the life in the same time more far look at the
world war and my own memories …
…war reflect violently in the mirrors of my intimate life, is present
such as indelible enclosure viruses frome windows of the Media …
“. Then, I dont any more”.

Shows: SCAM Festival International de Clermont-Ferrand