Amaneh Eskandari

visual artist

category: Digital

I dont’s any more


“This is a diary that sees the dawn of the 21st century dawning. A diary of today.  A auto-portrait of an Iranian artist living in Paris as a multimedia Madonna , who his son has to go to Tehran not far from a theater of war,on her electronic window who watches the alarmist waves of… Continue reading I dont’s any more

Lost City


“symbol of exiled people whom are in search of lost city or a motherland” An Iranian mother, exiled in Nederland with her childrens who to obliges leave the territory by leaving her childrens under the supervision of the government, as a sign of protest against the decision of the Court, she burns herself in refugee’s… Continue reading Lost City



In the beginning there was a shadow … ; The shadow whispered and stepped in a journey so as it could play the music of its soul . It walked everywhere ,gazing upon everything ;to any thing which existed . The ray of its glance was changed into the color of its imagination . It made… Continue reading Stranger

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